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Es Puter Kopyor and Es Goyobod – Sweet and Refreshing Desserts À La Pawon Pasundan

If you’re looking for some sweet and cold traditional indonesian desserts, you come to the right place. Besides its Sundanese savory, hot and spicy dishes, we have also refreshing ices and beverages to wash down your food. From the classic freshly squeezed orange or lime juice, a Bandung twist of orange juice with shredded coconut, grass jelly drinks, javanese jelly with fermented glutinous rice, shaved ice with various jellies, coconut, avocado, topped with syrup and milk, and many more.

Some of these desserts list have become so popular among our guests, such as : Es Puter Kopyor (read Bali Travel & Food Blog where Bali Blogger, Gaby, praised about this special ice dessert : which some people call it as Indonesian Kopyor Coconut Gelato; Es Goyobod (young coconut, jelly, avocado, coconut milk, with brown sugar syrup, Es Cendol (javanese jelly drink, with a variation of fermented glutinous green sticky rice on top of the regular one); Es Bulbul (assorted fruits in coconut syrup), and the famous Indonesia Es Campur (shaved ice with various jellies, coconut, avocado, syrup and milk), and many more.

Now we know that sweet desserts we mentioned above are going to be the ones to blame when you gain some extra kilos…How about joining Bali 5K or 10K Marathon and burn those calories to pay the ‘price’ of enjoying the guilty gourmet pleasure..:) Just a thought!

We have various ice desserts and cold refreshing drinks to offer, they are typically indonesian and particularly West Java authentic ones. We can not mention everything here, but here are two of the best sellers desserts from our menu, which are Es Puter Kopyor and Es Goyobod.


es-kopyorWe talked to Ibu Uni Jafar, the Owner of Pawon Pasundan Restaurant, and found out that the Es Puter Kopyor, as one of the most requested dessert menus, was first introduced to the guests in 2000. Back then, Ibu Uni was participating at Dyatmika School Bazaar, selling Sate Ayam (Grilled Chicken Skewers). It was a very hot day, and she wanted to drink or eat something refreshing. One of the food and beverage food stalls were selling Es Puter with various flavor, and according to her it was the Kopyor Coconut flavor got her attention as the strongest and most delectable flavour, which gave her an idea to create her own version of Es Puter Kopyor at Pawon Pasundan by adding fermented glutinous green rice . Today Es Puter Kopyor was one of the best seller ice desserts at our restaurant, and became one of our signature menus as we make everything now from the scratch. This is the right kind of sweet, cold and refreshing desserts to survive Bali’s hot weather…




Such a unique name for this traditional ice dessert! Es Goyobod originally came from Garut, West Java. Using rice flour as the main ingredient, added with premium palm sugar, making this unforgettable cold beverage for you to enjoy. On our trip to Bandung-West Java capital, Es Goyobod was sold by the street vendor, using traditional cart. It’s refreshing and has a special texture and flavour. Don’t forget to try this dessert when you visit Pawon Pasundan for scrumptious sundanese cuisine.

You can view our dessert and refreshing beverages menu on our website here :

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