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Nasi Timbel Komplit – an iconic sundanese dish at Pawon Pasundan


Another ultimate reason to come and dine at Pawon Pasundan. This sundanese rice and its condiments dish is one of the best sellers in our restaurant. Nasi Timbel Komplit (NTK) consists of : steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf, fried salty fish, tamarind vegetable soup, fried tofu, fried soybean cake, sambal, assorted fresh raw vegetables, with fried chicken or fried spiced beef for you to choose, all served in a bamboo basket.

Nasi Timbel is a popular sundanese (the local people who live in West Java are called sundanese) food. Historically, this is the traditional food considered as the ‘lunch box’ menu the farmer’s wives prepared for their husbands before they go to the rice fields to work. The steamed rice were wrapped in banana leaf so that on the lunch time, it is still fresh, fluffy and delightful. They could add any condiments to the Nasi Timbel, but they will never forget the hot chili sauce called Sambal and the fresh raw vegetables, Lalapan. It’s a must!

Nasi Timbel is one of the original menus that has been offered to our guests since the very beginning of our restaurant. Most of the elements of the dish are easily made, we are able to prepare and serve this menu very quick, the price is affordable, especially, our guests like the taste, no wonder it has become an iconic dish beside flying gurame at Pawon Pasundan Restaurant.

With that being said, we still wanted to improve our menu and listened to our guests feedback. Some little variations to the menu had been added, and we put a little twist to the ordinary Nasi Timbel Komplit. To the Set Menu list, we offer : Paket Pawon who has the same condiments as the regular NTK but instead of fried chicken, we put steamed spiced chicken wrapped in banana leaf – Pepes Ayam to the basket, while Pepes Tahu (steamed spiced tofu wrapped in banana leaf) and the option between fried or grilled chicken can be found on Paket Kediri. Sayur Lodeh, Karedok – these vegetable sundanese dishes are the variations we offer to the NTK Set Menu.

To reserve your table at Pawon Pasundan Restaurant, please call (0361) 755833. We are located on Jl. Kediri no. 2, Tuban, Kuta, only five minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport, and three minutes from Bali Souvenir Centre Khrisna. We also deliver our food to your house/office, just dial this special number at (0361) 8880606, your favourite Sundanese menus, including Nasi Timbel Komplit are coming your way!




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