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Pawon Pasundan most popular dish – Flying Gurame

Flying Gurame

Native to Asia, Gurame (pronounced as : gouramis) is freshwater fish. A very popular fish dish in Indonesia, often deep-fried or grilled, and served in chill sauce, sweet-sour sauce, or black soy sauce.

If you’ve been to Pawon Pasundan Restaurant in Tuban, Kuta, Bali, you’d know one of the reasons people came to our restaurant is to taste the famous Flying Gurame. So popular that when you google the word, you will see our ready-to-take-off Gurame on most pictures, blog posts, articles, food reviews people from across the globe posted on the internet.

Back in 1999 when the restaurant was first opened, we served Gurame Fish as a regular fried fish with the same cooking method everybody does : make some cutting slices on the meat, seasoned it, then fried it. A couple of years later, we came up with this creative idea to serve Gurame Fish that could not be found in any other similar restaurants, so uniquely ours. And our small and traditional kitchen back in the past was a ‘lab kitchen’, testing this new dish for a month, a new frying technique that could make Gurame Fish in a flying position. Through many trials, and many ‘broken crispy wings’, we believed we could make it. And we finally did it! It took thirty-minutes back then to prepare this later-so-popular fish dish, but with todays cooking technique and tools, Pawon Pasundan most popular Flying Gurame is ready to be served in less than ten-minutes.

Pawon Pasundan also serves Gurame Fish with different flavours, such as : fried gurame with sweet & sour Sauce, Grilled Gurame marinated in garlic butter and soy sauce sauce, fried gurame with red or green chilli sauce, fried gurame in green sauce and petai beans. All cooked by our well-experienced chefs wanting you to have an unforgettable gourmet experience at our restaurant.

To reserve your table at Pawon Pasundan Restaurant, please call (0361) 755833. We also deliver our food to your house/office, just dial this special number at (0361) 8880606, your favourite Sundanese menus, including the Flying Gurame are coming your way!




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