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Three healthy green menus at Pawon Pasundan

If you notice the latest trend of #indonesiamakansayur this last couple of years, introduced by Indonesian celebrity, Sophie Navita, through her Instagram and Twitter channels, you will see that more people, specially younger generation are now more attracted to eat vegetable with more variety of recipes and twists, like making it into a yummy fresh Green Smoothie, or mix the green salad with exotic and healthy seeds.

Sundanese food is very well known as the type of cuisine using lots of vegetables, even raw ones for its side dish or even as the main green menus. Lotek, Karedok, and Lalapan have been offered as the authentic sundanese menus, here, at Pawon Pasundan and more guests from overseas who want to try other dishes than meat or fish, starting to like and appreciate these ‘green delicious menus’.

At first we didn’t include Gado Gado – the famous vegetable salad with peanut sauce – into our menu, but by popular demand by our guests specially our European guests, Gado Gado has now become one of Pawon Pasundan’s most favorite green dishes. Compared to Lotek and Karedok that have special strong kencur (kaempferia galangal) and the use of raw vegetables on Karedok, Gado Gado taste is more acceptable by almost all palates: it’s sweet, savory, with a thick sauce, and fresh boiled vegetables. Lalapan, on the other hand, is a fresh cut of raw vegetables served with hot and spicy chili sauce called Sambal, and is a side dish for Fried Chicken or Fish dishes such as : Grilled Gurame, Flying Gurame, Lele Goreng, etc. Guests can find Lalapan in any of Pawon Pasundan set menu.

Our restaurant owner, Ibu Uni Jafar has given a good recommendation of opting Gado Gado and Grilled Gurame Fish as the perfect combo dish, when you visit Pawon Pasundan, the next time you are in Bali. Going green has never been this scrumptious!…

You can view our complete menu on our website here :

To reserve your table at Pawon Pasundan Restaurant, please call (0361) 755833. We are located on Jl. Kediri no. 2, Tuban, Kuta, only five minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport, and three minutes from Bali Souvenir Centre Khrisna. We also deliver our food to your house/office, just dial this special number at (0361) 8880606, your favourite Sundanese menus, are coming your way!




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